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Ad Optimization & Content Publishing

We are AdOps experts and highly skilled in the field of online content writing, web monetisation and site management.

We are a company which offers a 360 full stack monetisation system, currently only to select websites and websites we have founded. Our content writers make sure the content we bring online is of the best quality and ready to bring visitors! With our years of experience in AdOps, we can ensure all sites achieve the maximum possible and get the best CPMs.

Future Plans

As the world gets more and more technological, lkzMedia adapts. We make use of AI for repetitive and simple tasks in order to make sure we can do the most work, and are even training our own AI network for more advanced processes, which could in the future lead to fully automated human-like writing (this has nearly been achieved by ChatGPT, although the content is not fully realistic and anyone can easily check whether the content is by AI). lkzMedia is also working on publicly releasing our monetization solutions and headerbidding systems.


Satisfied Clients

Mil. Monthly Impressions

Sites Currently Managed

% Monthly Revenue Increase


PHP & SQL Development 100%
Content Writing 95%
HTML / JS 80%
WordPress 100%
Photoshop / Design 90%
Web3 70%

What We Do Best

Header Bidding


Active Support

Web Design

SQL & Excel

Server Management

Content Writing



Check Out Our Timeline


Revenue Generation

2023 - Present

Monetization of our prepared websites

  • Integration of our advertising systems onto our sites
  • Further growth of our network and writing of more than 25-50+ articles per day
  • Graphic design and preparation of designs that improve ad revenue

Development Process

2021 - 2022

Custom CMS development, creation of our HB tools

  • Created more than 1,500 articles for our 25 first sites.
  • Developed a CMS to simplify the advertising process & maximize revenue
  • Created a full stack monetization system with header bidding

Future Plans

AI Content Writing

Some time in the future

With a custom neural network that is currently being trained, we will be able to supercharge content writing and multiply the number of high-quality articles released every day onto our content sites.

Public Access to Our Monetization Network

Some time in the future

We are working hard on releasing our own network where publishers will have access to Header Bidding, Google Ad Exchange and be able to monetize their content and websites with our tools via Display, Video and our custom Native Content Recommendation.


Our Features


We make sure that all our ads are in the best positions and do many experiments in order to guarantee the best results for our sites & advertisers.

Many Formats

We work with classic display, video and our own custom recommended native content feeds and therefore bring in the highest profits in an unobstructing way.

Quality Content

We publish only high quality articles which are likely to gain visitors from Tier 1 countries and maximize results for our advertisers.


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